Last Minute Notes

On the spot secure a small table and a chair, putting it at one end of the room in front of the spectators. It is necessary to take the medium from the room a couple of times at the finish, so figure out beforehand just how this can be dope without waste motion during the performance.

Beforehand, to prepare, if one can go as far as to call it that, remove the five cards from deck for later use in the second trick and put them in order on top. There is slight chance that they will become disarranged during the first item in which a spectator merely thinks of a card and removes it from the pack to show. However, one would readily see such a disarrangement and be able to fix it.

Have the three letter envelopes nicked as described in the second trick and place them in your inside coat pocket so they can be pulled out as if at random as you need them. In the right trouser pocket put the pencil stub, and also the blank business card with attached wax.

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