Last Minute Notes

Outside of the coin stand, which is but a long thin stand in which the coins are stood upright, the money tray, and the blackboard, everything else can be packed into a brief case or doctor's kit. The best material for a blackboard is the very heavy type silicate which is about a quarter inch thick and has a writing surface on both of its sides. This can be cut to whatever size you like best.

The last two effects make use of this board which may be placed on the chair or a small collapsible table easel which is simply made. Use one side for the Lucky Number effect, and then turn the board over for the telepathy finale trick. For this last, have a dampened eraser ready, so that the writing on the board can be thoroughly removed. Often a dry erasure leaves a slight trace of what has been written before, and may giye your audience an idea that that is how you work.

After the first effect comes the vanish, and because of the fact that you put it in a holder the old gag of being told by your doctor to stay away from tobacco can be used. You reach for the match in your pocket, light the match, and as you light it let the cigarette and holder go. Pretend to start lighting and then find it gone. Keep match burning and remark that you forgot to add that your wife said to keep away from holders too.

You can now extinguish the match in the well known manner of blowing up the left sleeve and flicking it out in the right hand at the same time, and can finish off by saying that about the only fun you have left is lighting matches and putting them out.

You still have the handkerchief that was borrowed for the first effect. Use this handkerchief for the coin trick that follows, and after this say that you always return borrowed articles but like to show your

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