Lady And Gentleman

This was my own combination of thé indexes with the "two souls" trick of Baker's. It elimPage lnated the necessity of counting. The indexes are loaded with papers reading. "The gentleman will get the ----(name of card)—." A deck is stacked with your favorite system of arrangement. Approach a lady, false shuffling the cards. Put them on her hand and ask her to keep her mind a blank while you write something for her. Scribble anything on a piece of paper, fold, and pretend to put in a hat or bowl. Finger palm it out.

Now tell her to give the deck a cut. Then she is to look at the top card and push it anywhere into the deck and square them up. Take the deck from her and hand it to a nearby gentleman. He is to shuffle the cards while you write something for him. However, you have glimpsed the bottom card and therefore know what card the lady has looked at. On another piece of paper you now write, "The lady will choose the ---(writing the name of the card she DID take)---." Fold and openly drop into the hat. Now have the gentleman choose a card in the same manner.

Ask HIM the name of his card, reminding that you have written something for each BEFORE they acted. When he gives it, turn and ask the lady the name of her card. This gives the necessary ten second stall in order to secure from the index the gentleman's card. Then pick up hat, dropping paper inside with the other, and have someone else read them off.

A variation here is to let each person keep his and her cards. Then they can not alone name them but show them as well, keeping both cards and paper prophecies as souvenirs.

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