June 1935

When this Jinx is being read the conventions will be under way and thousands of cards will have been selected and not found again. The seventh annual conference of the S.A.M. will be in Washington, D.C., May 30,31, and June 1, 1935 at the Wardman Park Hotel iThe I.B.M. will concede nothing to no-one at Lima, Ohio on June 4,5,6. Then

_ 'on July 22,23,24 the Pacific Coast mob sees red in Hollywood. It will make that talked about Japanese invasion small town stuff. Labor day week-end sees the Plff-Paff-Poofers in a melee at Port Erie, Canada and all of these stand quite a chance of being overshadowed by the free-for-all to be held by the New York State Conclave at Utica on

Here and there ye editor shall make an appearance in that age old effort to find something new. So all good tricks had better take to cover while The Jinx is snooping for the best that magic can give to the world's moat critcal magi, i.e. 859 Jinx readers as of May 2, 1935.

Books come and books go but 'It's In The Bag,' by H. Adrian Smith is a brochure worthy of much applause. It is what such things should be - a routine. The idea of working a short program without actually being able to see is cute. The effects are good and to the point in each case. It Is more than worth the dollar and the half hour necessary to learn. I'm sorry to say it but I know Mr. Smith will not garner the dollars due him for his labor. It just seems to happen that way. I pause to comment, not because I might have had a free copy, but because I heard it was good, bought It, and found out for myself that it was tremendous value.

From the May 1935 Sphinx - Editor's Page - "----

and hope to be also able to go to Kenton. Will you be there?" ---No, John, I won't be there,but

I'll see you at Lima.

On the same page Is also a note that Miss Dorothy Wolf, of The Sphinx, would be away from the office for a few weeks. ---After reading the paragraph mentioned Above we are of the opinion that mention of Miss Wolf's absence is superfluous.

We read that Charlie Leedy of the Young3town Telegram has written 100,000 jokes in thirty years. That's about 9 l/8th jokes per day. Even so he'd have a tough time writing patter for all the tricks Burling says he has Invented*

HUMDRUM, THE MYSTIC warns,"Don't never elect no mayor who does magic.He sure is going to hold up the parade whenever a new bridge is opened ---trying to restore the ribbon or tape he has just cut."

I certainly got my wish and started something with the Five Foot Shelf last month. Since then never a day has passed without a letter showing up to ridicule my distorted (that is what one called it) opinion. Each one has told me of a book or two I forgot to include. Now I know there are many good books and many good tricks hidden here and there. If you find a trick or two you like in a certain book, that book immediately becomes an important possession. However, it is no secret that one person will like a trick that another thinks of little value and as a result this second person will attach no importance to the hook itself.

Not once did I say the shelf contained the only good books. It was'nt meant to be the starting and stopping points in the building of a library. Perhaps the former but not the latter. As a foundation - a nucleus - and as a unit which embodies every principle, basic sleight and mechanical prin ciple known to Magic - there it is. The closely allied subjects are covered, perhaps not in the de tail a dozen books on each subject would give, but by the best (my opinion) one to give the reader a sound working knowledge of the subject. If it then be his desire to delve further into a particular phase, let him cover Same with a more complete sur vey.

Answering my question as t -

tf'T t.n whether or not there ^JitJl should be a semi-monthly Pf Jinx, I say, "NO." Instead of instituting a policy that ___ could result only in a maelstrom for me and uncertainty for the subscribers I have decided upon an alternative. In Summer and in Winter there shall be an EXTRA. Magical papers as yet have never had an EXTRA although Goldston put out an Annual in addition to his monthly magazine. In the Summer (after June 1st) and in the Winter (after January 1st) an EXTRA equivalent to five Issues of the monthly Jinx shall appear a semiannual stimulant for jaded minds of magic. Uniform in size and makeup its' 16 pages will carry the biggest dollar's worth of information assembled in many a magic moon. Twenty tricks will be the rule with quality as certain as that the paper will be

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