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COLOROTO (continued from page 481)

nnd the index finger at the back and fanned. This shows four sevens at the start and when they are turned around the red backs show. The cards fan in pairs perfectly when done with the one hand as described. It would be wise to dot the end with a pencil where they (the t-onch of eight) should be grasped for the first fan.

Sevens are shown on the fan, and, when turned, the backs are seen to be red, as they should be for the cards were taken from the red deck. Everything is in order. The fan is closed. The face card is seen to be a seven, but after a pass it has turned to a Jack. This is an elementary color change, the "fresh" card coming from the back to the front. The same move can have been used ih the descriptive change used with the original blue deck.

Now that the face seven has changed to a Jack, the packet is turned end for end in the showing and then fanned once more with the thumb in front and the fingers behind. This time ALL CARDS SEEN ARE JACKS. The roughing plus the change of one card from tack to face takes care of this problem. And when the fan is now turned around the backs of the cards are seen to have changed color to bluej The fan is closed and the cards deposited upon the blue pack when the performer tells all that modern magic cannot be qualmed — that a true magus can ever keep his own deck complete.

(Editor's note: Keep this stunt set as a finish to any card routine. The angle of taking

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people into your confidence (?) is sound always, provided vou louse them up as this effect does admirably.)

The Roughened Card Formulae

Into a ten ounce bottle put the following:

t ounce of Gum Sandarac; i ounce of Gum Mastic; ounces of Grain Alcoholiuse Denatured Alcohol if Grain is not obtainable); 1 ounce of Liquid Carbolic Acid. (Editor's note: Death to the guy who wets his thumb or finger everytime he deals a card!)

Shake the bottle to dissolve the gums. Then let it st?ind for several days to fully dissolve them. Strain through a fine white cloth which action removes all foreign substances.

Daub a wad of cotton into the fluid and then rub it across (back and forth) the part of the card to be roughened. Stroke the card's surface only once in each spot and try not to make more than a very thin layer of fluid upon the card's surface. Let the cards stand for a day or so before using. Don't attempt to match them with other rouphened cards until they are well dried out.

These ingredients aire ready for you at your corner pharmecy provided you think the effect worth the trouble. Otherwise your favorite magical dealer -could prepare them for you. The trick, regardless of method, is one which is far superior to most closing tricks and it lends itself to the making of friends in the audience because of its apparent frankness. Aiid you give them what? The gloved «and. So be it.

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