Devised about six years ago, this is an improvement on the Erdnase diagonal shift-palm. Others may have discovered similar moves but have never described anything quite the same. The steal can be accomplished with everyone watching your hands — if they are that kind of people, YET IT IS POSITIVELY INDETECTABLE!

If a card has been chosen, riffle the deck for the person to return it, but squeeze at the inner end so lie cannot force his card in all the way. It -should protrude about half an inch, or as much more as you like, from the outer end of deck.

In any event, whatever the trick, you let project in this way whatever card is being inserted, and hold the deck in the left hand with the forefinger bent under it, the thumb on one side, the remaining three fingers on the other. Cover the cards with the right hand and immediately drop both hands FROM THE WRISTS, so the outer end of the deck is towards the floor. At the same time, pu3h the protruding card to your left with the right little finger, until it presses against the left thumb, then shove it diagonally inwards through the deck with the right forefinger, until this card is also pressing against the left little finger.

The left hand then releases the deck entirely, the left forefinger pressing the cards into the right liand as it straightens out. The only parts of deck now visible will be the corner X shown in illustration, and the corner diagonally opposite.

The right hand holds the deck between the thumb around the corner X and its third finger is near the outer left hand corner. As for the chosen card, the right forefinger rests on corner A, ana the little finger presses against corner B 30 that corner C is against the base of thumb, (continued on page 268)

The selected card is named. With a cigarette tip, or a dart gun, the balloon is exploded. The deck drops and scatters, the selected card being left suspended in the holder, facing the spectators.

The holder for the deck is made of wood and about three-eighths of an inch thick. The opening is just a trifle wider than the deck, and just a bit deeped than the thickness of the cards. The surface of the rear edge of opening is well coated with an adhesive wax, such as diachylon olaster. Another idea is to glue into place a niece of standard adhesive tape. The selected card is marked, replaced.

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