Editor's note: Here is one of those infrequent ideas -well worth the evening's labor to make up. For that very reason, though, there will be comparatively few readers who will bother preparing such a deck, that is, until someone else performs it first. It should be needless to say that I made one up the evening of the day when first I learned the trick.)

For a number of years I wished to do a prediction effect with cards but did not want to use the card index in the pocket for securing papers as first promulgated by A1 Baker. I considered it clumsy for my own personal use and considered most practical a means of getting the billet from a self contained pack of cards. The following method was therefore devised back in 1930, has stood me very well since, and this is ray first release, in print, of the secret.

Secure a new deck of regular (not bridge) size cards, several packages of cigarette papers, and a paste-pot and pen with ink. Seat yourself at a well lighted table in a -quiet corner where the children can't reach you.

On 53 of the cigarette papers write in ink the names of the 52 cards and the Joker, such as, for example, "The thought of card will be the -----." These papers are folded, writing inside, once each way.

As each paper is so prepared it is secured by a daub of paste,no larger than what can be

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