After reading "The tiuick Change Artist" coin effect as described in Ireland's clever book, "New Card and Coin Manipulations of 1935," this idea came to mind. However, this method differs in effect and certain sleights are eliminated.

The performer borrows a half-dollar or uses his own. Dropping it on table to show It real, the performer explains that he will show how it can be made to travel from one joint to another. He picks it up with right hand after which it is placed in the left. The coin is now passed from behind the left knee to the right. Explaining that the hardest part is to pass it from the right to the left, he does but on opening left hand it is found to contain a number of small coins. Upon dropping the change on the table, they are counted and total forty cents, there being three nickles and a quarter. Saying that some of the money must have gone astray, he reaches behind his right knee and produces the missing dime. The hands are both seen empty.

This method does not require very much practice except for making it a smooth procedure. Prepare by palming the small change In the crook of the left hand third and fourth fingers, a sort of finger palm, while the dime is palmed in the crook of the right ring finger. The left hand can now hold a cigarette while smoking to make a natural appearance of the slightly curled fingers but you need not worry about this. You will find that you can drop the half-dollar to table and pick it up with either hand while still keeping the loose change and the dime in their respective places*

The right hand now picks up the half- dollar and it is apparently placed in the left hand, but in reality it is thumb palmed in the right. The position of the dime makes this quite easy. Pretend to pass the coin from behind left knee to right. Show the coin has passed, and immediately attempt the passing from right to left. Give a slight right turn as you do this, and as you open left hand and the change is seen and heard, the right hand containing half is near coat or trouser pocket and the coin is dropped in. This is the most important move and-must be timed with the production, the misdirection being perfect. The change is counted on table and only 40 cents found. The other dime is produced from behind right knee and nothing extra is left in the hands at the finish.

This is a very cute interlude or introduction to any coin routine or trick which uses a half-dollar. The passes may look familiar to many, but the moment the change makes its appearance it is a surprise to all. Then give the change to someone for another half and proceed witn the other effects.

There are many effects of this nature which can be used advantageously In such a way. A simple bit of seeming by-play with an object about to be used appears perfectly impromptu and often impresses more than the regular trick. It gives also the Impression that you can do something at any moment with any object.

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