Introductory Address

This is particularly necessary with Cup and Ball Conjuring, and for several reasons; to produce merriment and thus put the audience on good terms with the performer from the start, and to provide the necessary mis-direction for secretly bringing the first ball into play, 1. e., palming it in readiness for the production from the wand as already described (Sleight 3). A burlesque or pseudo-scientific description of the cups, balls, wand, etc., is usually chosen as the basis of such address. While everyone knows it to be dust in the eye, it lends an enchantment to the procedures which follow, and allows the performer unlimited scope in his patter, which should be almost continuous.

While the opening address, to follow, gives a quite perfect starting order, at the conclusion of the various suggested "passes" I shall add on a complete and "actual professional" routine from the very start to the climactic finish, with variants for those who will make use of objects other than the conventional balls.

(To be continued)

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