International Magicians

Greeting speech. CARO. (Caro Miller, Australia) Stock productions of rabbits, ducks, chickens, flow, ers, phantom tube, doves, etc. All flash. TOLMACK. Golf balls, juggling, cigarettes, acrobatic dance.

Pennies From Heaven - The entire assembly into the audience catching coins.

EYEST3RS. 20 words memorised and repeated.

FITZKEE. Chinese Chopper Decapitation.

SLYTER. Dancing handkerchief.

MOTG. Rice bowls, paper napkin, linking rings.

MAD HATTERS. The entire assembly do the Lyle paper hat trick, one getting panties. LUCILLE. Egg on fan, egg bag, dovepan, canary vanish from tube into egg in orange inside grapefruit.

FITZKEE. The threaded razor blades. LYEOT MILLER. (Caro's wife) Rag pictures.

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