card apparently the King of Clubs. Each card is shown, as they are run off singly, reversing their order. The faked card will now be bottom card of face up deck, and the King of Spades is at the face. Remove this card, apparently at random and lay it on table face up.

Turn deck face down by turning It end over end. Pick up the King of Spades from table and place on top of deck. Show it again by lifting the outer end. Openly place It second from top. Flick deck, and, lifting outer end of top card, show the King of Spades (7) back in place. Put this card second from top, flick, and once more show the King on top. Place this card (the real King) into the center of pack. Flick, and once more show the King at top. This time put the top card very openly and slowly on the bottom.-Flick deck, and, turning it over end for end, the thumb covers the faked spots again while you fan through the deck and find the King near the center. Now, casually cut the deck, and hand it to spectator so it will be face up with faked Spade spots near his body. In fanning through, there is very little chance of his ever detecting the prepared pasteboard.

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