Synthetic Sympathy The Card That Isn'tl The "ELM" Card Change

Lies I Lies I Lies! (See pages 15 and 19)

The Pace-up Pace-down Location

A Principle In Disguise

Par-Optic Vision (See page 99)

The Pan Location

A Trick With The Pan Location

A Card To Be Thought About

A Card Puzzle - par.l

Two Betting Propositions - par.2 and 3

Aces Of Eight

The Under-cover Mystery

The Thirty-two Card Mystery

The Spectator's Choice (See page 172)

The Torn Deck Trick nie Card Vanishes - Last par.

The Audley Walsh Coincidence

A Paradox of Pairs

The Ad Lib Spelling



Follow Me

A Story Of Crime

The Secret Order of The Aces (See page

The Impromptu Passing

Hie Restless Dozen

Les Cartes Par Hasard

The Psychic Toothpick

Parallel Thoughts (See page 173)

One In Pifty-two

Composite Routine


The Rhummy Cheat Tip And Down Locatrlk Indetectable

Preposterous (See page 326)

Through The Hank


Card Minded

Draw Poker Plus

An Easy Lesson

Three Piles

Give A Number I

New Card Math


Sensitive Soul Subconscious Mystery Wise Guy Catch

Pound Out

Jordan Plus Gardiner Queer Quest Restless Cards

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