CARD VOICE (continued from last page)

At one time this was my own version as a club trick. On parties it was used as a finale to stacked deck tricks, for It uses a stacked deck, need I mention your favorite arrangement? The important part of the gag is that the three spectators stand in line at your left and use their right side coat pockets. An3, while the far man selects first, middle man next, and nearest man last, you use your left hand for the operation and work back (in reverse) along that line. There is no lost motion or confusion.

You shuffle the deck at all times. The first time it necessarily must be false, '.'/hen the card is removed from the spread you pick up the cards in group scoops, cutting deck at the break of' removal. A glance, as you start to genuinely shuffle, gives you the bottom card and,"count one", you know the identity of that picked.

The remaining two choices are fair, with a real mixing between each. Now tell your tale and mention as your "snoop" card the one you know the far man has pocketed. Look through the deck, AS YOU ARE TALKING, and make a good effort of looking for it. Take it out (any damned card) with right fingers, lay deck down with left hand, transfer card to left, and speak to your nearest subject, "You don't know your card, do you?" Then plunge your left hand with card into his pocket. As you stand, your fingers must go between the card there and his body. Your card goes along. You lift your head, concentrate for a count (mentally) of three, and then tell him the name of the card you inserted, immediately withdrawing the other card already there. Pass to the middle person and plunge apain. In this slight interval and short trip you have glimpsed the new card you now hold. That one is left in the middle man's pocket and a new one taken out.

The same thing happens with the last man, but now you have in your hand the very card you first named as your "tattle-tale" card but never did show because of your maneuvres and acting. This you give to a ringside spectator as a souvenir to be cherished and catered to.

Lastly the three stooges say their pieces and show their cards. You act gratified that the "snoop" card did its bit, and thank your assistants for their time, and for the use of their pockets.

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