move the candle of th la best to have an opened and crumpled envelope in the left coat pocket where you drop the one taken from spectator as you pick up tube, and then return this to spectator to keep with his card if he wishes. Sometimes they don't want them though. However, you have presented a very neat and clean effect.

| TRIPLE COERCION. (Annemann)"j

For a nice club or drawing room item this will be found to cause comment and It is extremely simple in the working. Back in the early twenties there were many methods for accomplishing this feat and I gave my own in 'The Book Without a Name.' However, the one weak point, to me, was in the necessity of jotting down the items as selected when any simple minded person would find no trouble in remembering them. I think this to be almost as simple as it can be done,but that has been said before of many tricks.

On a card the performer writes something and seals it in a small envelope which he stands in full view against something. A spectator selects a color, another a card and finally one is asked to think of a number from 1 to 100. These selections are known to everyone, and opening the envelope, a spectator removes and reads the card. It says, for instance, "Three persons will name the color blue, the four of diamonds and the number 73." And all is left with the audience.

Use a number two size end opening drug envelope, a card cut a little shorter than usual, and one of the now fairly well known thumb writers. Make a slit in the envelope on the face side around three-quarters of an inch from the bottcm edge with the thumb nail so it will be a little jagged as if torn. Write on the card at the start everything as shown except the number, and space your writing also as shown. Put the card Into the envelope with flap side towards audience and writing away from them turned so it comes out through the slit as pictured. Seal flap and stand envelope against something, saying, "WE'LL PLACE THIS TO ONE SIDE 30 ALL CAN SEE IT CONSTANTLY." Now proceed to force the color on someone and then follow this by forcing the card on another. As this effect wouldn't be used In the same program with the preceding trick by Dr. Lyons, you could use the same color force with five or six silks Instead of three. Then force a card and at this time be sure to tell selector to put it back but keep it pictured well in his mind. Lay the deck aside and secure thumb writer on right thumb as you carelessly pick up the sealed envelope In left hand. Ask a third person to think of and name any number from 1 to 100. He does so. Turning to the first person you recall the color chosen. Then ask the second person to name the card he is thinking about. Then repeat the number thought of by the third person. This bit impresses the audience that the articles are being thought of only, or at least, that's what they go away

Page put the number on the card protruding from slit.

At this time, left fingers and thumb pinch the sides of envelope and tip it a little so that the card drops back inside. Immediately you tear off end of envelope at slit which destroys this evidence, and hand the envelope to someone who removes the card and reads it aloud. The psychology of having the last person think of the number is perfect and people will swear afterwards, as I know, that all the items were merely thought of by the audience, arid that the envelope was on the table away from you when they were named. Try it, please.

| MONEY MEMTALISM. (Charles Rosenthal)""]

For two oeople this is a cute idea in clair-voyancy with coins or other objects. I like the money version. The medium or psychic is sent from the room. The perfoimer asks someone to donate for the time being a piece of money and it may be either coin or bill. Stating that the psychic has a strange faculty where money is concerned (so have a lot of people), the performer puts it in an ordinary letter envelope and fastens on a spring paper clamp to one of the tabs (where you pinch them together to open clamp) which is attached a cord which the owner of coin holds. The performer goes fruiu sight and the psychic returns to correctly announce the denomination of the coin or bill.

Jt's simply a case of the clip. Take an envelope and clamp. It can be clamped on any one of four sides of the envelope. The cord is sttached to ONE of the wings on clamp which you pinch and this makes a front and back to clamp. Thus it can be used on either side of envelope making a total of eight possible positions. That takes care of the 1-5-10-25-50 cent coins and the 1-2-and 5 dollar bills. For a ¡¿10 bill don't use clamp but place envelope In person's pocket. For a §20 bill let them carry the envelope to psychic. For a silver dollar, don't use an envelope but let them hold it in their fist. If you get a $50 bill - faint. The eight envelope positions idea is nice and can be used for eight colored hanka in connection with other tests of this nature.

(Note by Ed.,) This could be added to when it is a coin of the first five denominations. When such a coin Is used you explain that after she tells something to have her go out again and call you back. You return and they say she was right. Open envelope, dump coin out and give to owner and leave again. Psychic comes in once more and gives the date. Merely have 5 coins at hand and make a switch. She has the dates listed and looks it up. Or even s'.vitch at the start and psychic can tell It all at once.

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