Effects such as this are few and far between, not alone for audience astonishment, but for simplicity itself. The requisites are; a letter envelope, some ordinary matches, two Jeweller'3 ring boxes, one tumbler, a packet of gummed jam jar covers, a ball of wool (thick) some brown paper, and a length of string.

To prepare, wrap the wool around one of the ring boxes (empty). Place the finished ball in the tumbler and seal with gummed paper cut to size so that only about i inch overlaps the edge of the tumbler. Virap tumbler in brown paper and tie up with the string. This parcel should be at a quickly accessible spot. The remaining ring box is opened and placed in the left trcruser pocket. The matches are placed in this same pocket. Across center of face of envelope cut a two inch slit. Tear a diagonally shaped piece from the end of a dollar bill. This small piece, which includes one of the numbers from the corner, is glued inside the open envelope so that it sticks up as much as possible into view v&en envelope is held with flap open. The appearance is that of a genuine bill in the envelope. Put this In inside coat pocket.

To perform, ask first for the loan of a dollar. When it is offered, ask the owner to jot down the number, and also mark the bill In any way which he may choose. He may even tear a small corner from it as positive identification. V/hile this is being done pick up the parcel with your right hand, advance to ovmer, and state that you do not want to take his money without giving some security, and you therefore wish him to accept the parcel as such and take your word for It that the contents value at least a dollar. Mow hand him the parcel, and Insist on him having the parcel In his possession before you touch the bill. Call attention to this fact as it is an Important point.

Take his note and return to the front or stage. Openly show the note and proceed to

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fold it over and over several times the narrow way, and then once the opposite way. Hold the note In the right fingers and state that all genuine currency can be made fireproof by the simple expedient of breathing upon It several times. This you proceed to do as left hand removes envelope from pocket, holding It with the fingers at face side and thumb on side towards audience. The flap Is closed. Right hand now puts bill into envelope, It really going through the slit into left fingers, but the now open flap allows the fake piece to be seen sticking out a bit.

You now say that you will show the bill to be fireproof In contrast to the Inflammable envelope. Left hand goes to left trouser pocket for a match and drops bill therein. A corner of the envelope is ignited, and as the flames creep upward, the flap is closed. The entire envelope burns up, and you are amazed to find the bill gone too. At this point you explain that you are sorry, but as the bill could not have been genuine, owing to the fact that it burned, he has not lost anything, so will someone else please oblige with a bill?

The spectator is now asked to examine his security. He steps forward so all oan see that he has not lost by the deal. He unwraps the paiwel and finds the sealed tumbler. He is asked if he can get to the ball of wool without breaking glass or paper. No. You tell him to break the paper. He is then told to take the end of the wool (without removing the ball from tumbler). To assist him you hand him something round which to wrap the wool, ┬┐nd you hold the tumbler for him while he does the winding. Hold the tumbler on your right hand, and during the unwinding process you fill in the time with suitable patter, standing casually with your left hand in trouser pocket. At this point It 1s best to have your right side facing audience.

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