Prepared pencil. One rubber band is given about a dozen turns to hold pencils tightly together, rencils should be shaiyened at the same time, 30 their strokes will be uniform.

pausing impressively at intervals so that he may have a varied collection of the choicest echoes in the room. This card is then sealed In a small coin envelope and two persons asked to initial the sealed ends.

The performer then asks someone to take a bill from his pocket and read aloud the serial number. This is written on a borrowed business card, the sealed envelope being used as a rest for it. Next, someone calls out about ten letters of the alphabet. (I've been getting a laugh lately by asking scoieane for his Social Security number.)

Four single digits, supplied by four different persons, are now written In a column and added. The envelope is then placed to one side, well out of the reach of any curioua cuss who may wish to examine It. The business card with all the numbers and letters is now handed to one of the audience, and that favored gentleman fonaally invited to act as secretary for the remainder of the performance. Someone now shuffles a deck of cards and selects one. Its name is written on business card by secretary. The performer then asks the audience for the name of an automobile, and "Ford V-8" is noted on the card. After a brief recapitulation of the main points thus far, (turn to page 187)

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