teemed Mr. Parley's jurisdiction, in his own office he decided to cut the force in half -from twenty to ten. A glance at his now famous card index 3y8tem however, put him in a dilemma. Ten were Republicans and ten were Democrats. Now Mr. Parley obviously couldn't do what he'd like to do, so he decided to be eminently fair and n;ive everybody a chance.

Stalking into his office he announced that the cutting down of the help would be left to chance. He had them stand In one long line and started counting from one end, eliminating every tenth man. Over and over the line counted Mr. Parley until only ten were left. Then he took the rest of the day off, satisfied that he was doing his bit towards keeping this country a democracy.

In presenting this story, the performer has 20 Giant size cards. Ten of them have, on the face side, a drawing of the Democratic mule - and the other ten contain a picture of the Republican elephant. Nothing else is necessary except an audience. And don't think they won't get a kick out of this. Have the cards in the order given in the illustration reading from top down. 'R' stands for Republican and 'D' for Democrat. Stand the cards around the front of the room and call them the employees who were lined up by Mr. Farley who read off their names.

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