never realize when the pull is secured if they even think of it at all during the action.

In this routine Ihe tobacco pouch and cigarette papers take the place of the cigarette case. They are in the left hip pocket. Bull Durham bags of tobacco have the package of papers attached so they are both together.

The bag and papers are removed from the pocket, the paper secured, and the tobacco apparently shaken into it. The bag is now placed on the table with the left hand as the right hand places the paper and tobacco (?) in the mouth. The cigarette is then made to appear at the lips; the left hand dropping to the pocket and securing the real cigarette there. The exchange is then made according to the instructions given in the "Cigarette Rolled by Proxy" effect and lit with a lighter or match from the right trouser pocket.

From this point, the effect works right into the Dixie vanish, the left hand returning the bag to the left rear trouser pocket and secures pull.

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