produced between the slates. Place them on the table with printed sides up and the seven unprepared cards on top of them.

Having numbered the slates,they are placed for a moment on the table while the tape is shown and when again picked up to be tied, the flap, of course, is allowed to remain behind. The next step is to write the called out names of the various journals, and it is at this part of the effect that a very subtle deception is manipulated.

Taking the dozen postcards from table, the performer nonchalantly takes about half of them and hands them to the assistant for scrutiny. He hands them back and the performer puts them on top of the others which he holds in left hand as per Pig. 5. While asking for the first name, the top card is apparently taken in right hand, turned over and placed on the stack as in Pig.6, the bulk of the cards forming a pad to facilitate ease in writing. In reality, however, the TWO top cards are taken as one, turned over as described, and the first name written as called out. Five other cards are added, one by one, each receiving a name given by audience members. Now, while asking for the next name, a peculiar turn over is given to the two packets which should be readily understood by studying sketches 7 and 8. The two packets are caused to make a revolution by altering the positions of thumb and first finger, the former being passed below the packets and the latter above. A slight upward pressure of the thumb causes the revolution and leaves the packets to all intents and purposes the same as a second previously. The card A in Fig.8 will now be the one that was behind the first one drawn, consequently a blank card, and it is quickly placed on B to hide from the assistant's view the name already written on it, and the remainder very deliberately placed on the table. It is advisable to have a friend call out the required name at this stage, i.e., seventh, so that the last name may be verified as were the previous ones. Should, however, the name be called out earlier, it must be written down again instead of the last name called, care being taken that the gentleman does NOT see this. Having written on the last blank card, the packet is handed to the gent to receive a shuffling, which, of course, does not affect the trick in the least as all the six cards will have the same name written on them.

Having made his selection of the cards, the gentleman takes one of the envelopes spread before him, and into this he places the postcard he has chosen. It is handed back to the performer and is promptly changed for the top envelope of the pack in the act of turning to put them on the table. Then, openly, the card (?; seen in envelope is sealed and the flap marked, '//hen opening envelope at the conclusion, care must be taken that the fake piece of card is not exposed as stuck to the rear of the title page.

-tub future deck

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