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1 Tfeaol mouth of the torch right where the toulb was. Don't ram it right in but allow an eighth or a quarter of an inch of the surface to protrude above the edge of the mouth. Dip the cotton end of the torch in the "fluid" and shut the torch. Place this torch in your inside breast pocket...cotton end up. In the same pocket place a cigar or pencil.

When ready to demonstrate the "Human Magnet" approach someone In the audience and explain the properties of the ordinary magnet. You continue. "In the human system lies dormant a certain percentage of this Magnetic Influence, all of which can be brought to the surface by generation." Mow rub your four fingers against your sleeve and ask someone to hold out his hand In a fist... palm up. You place your palĀ« on his hand and rub in a circular motion, suddenly you raise your hand and the spectator's hand automatically shoots up following your own hand. This is a very old stunt, nhile rubbing against his palm you are continually pressing down, and when the pressure is removed it is but natural that his hand should shoot up. This serves to demonstrate the point, that the magnet ism you have developed in your fingers by friction has attracted his hand. The real purpose, however, is to insinuatingly convince them that your hands are unprepared when you come to the actual demonstration. You repeat this with two other personsand then ask someone to stand up. Let him stand beside the wall with the back of his wrist pressed against it.

flhile he is is thus engaged you keep rubbing your fingers on your sleeve and in your mind count up to 30. Instruct him that as soon as you place your fingers near his hand he is to turn and allow his hand to hang -'limp" by his side. without touching his hand you slowly raise your hand and, atrange As It May Seem, his hand rises slowly and gracefully, following yours up to his shoulder level. You ask him what he felt and he MOST SAY that he felt Ā”SOMETHING drawing his hand up. This is very uncanny and I'm not going to try and explain what causes it. Try it on yourself and you'll wonder what causes the hand to rise. After the wait of a 30 count, and with pressure constantly against the wall, the hand rises and it feels as though something actually was lifting it.

Repeat this with one or two other persons. It isn't so much to lengthen the routine as to drive home into the minds of the spectators and assistants that there is something atrange at foot.

We now come to the actual demonstration. Reach into your pocket and withdraw the cigar. As soon as your hand goes to your pocket allow the middle section of your second and third fingers to glide over the cotton in th pen so that they may collect some of the "fluid."

Leave the cigar on the table...and again rub your fingers on the sleeve. This rubbing is now done with the object of spreading the fluid into your skin and also to take off all surplus moisture. Be careful and DON'T allow the "fluid" to touch the first and little fingers. After you finish rubbing no one can tell that there is anything wrong with your fingers as the natural appearance of the hand will not alter a bit.

Now place your fingers on the cigar and raise the hand slowly about a foot off the table...and then turn your hand-half way so

Page that the edge of the palm will be parallel with the floor and the cigar is standing vertically. Approach someone and explain how the "magnet" in your fingers is holding the cigar...walk around a bit and then place your thumb of the other hand against your pulse, or rather at the point where your hand meets your arm, and press. This will cause your two fingers to RECEDE...and the cigar will drop to the floor.

Of course...all your four fingers are against the cigar...the cigar is stuck only to your two middle fingers, but to them it appears as if it is stuck to all four.

What causes the cigar to drop is this. When your two middle fingers recede they naturally carry the cigar with them but the obstruction caused by the 1st and 4th fingers against the cigar sort of knocks it off. Just hold your right hand out in position as you read this... press at the point indicated before using the thumb of your other hand, and then you will see how your two middle fingers move back a3 if they were being controlled with a piece of wire.

You will now have to explain that as in the ordinary magnet like poles repel like poles... and it is the same with the human system. Your two hands are the north poles and your two feet the south poles, as soon as your two hands contacted with each other the cigar dropped.

Thi3 time raise the cigar again, but in turning the hand over push out ever so lightly with your 1st and 4th fingers so that the cigar is" dislodged from the two middle fingers and left balancing against your four fingers...still vertical. This move is done DURING the turn and is not in the least bit perceptible. It stands there by its own Inertia, but it is not stuck to the fingers. Now someone will think of that...especially the knowing ones...and there are plenty of them at any conjuring show who think that some sticky substance is being used. The next step is designed to explode this theory.

Ask someone to step forward and then to rub his fingers on his sleeve. Ask him next to reach slowly and pick the cigar off your fingers. He does so and he is NON-PLUSSED when he finds not the slightest resistance. The cigar leaves your fingers in the same easy way as if picked up from the table for instance. IT IS THIS LITTLE DIFFERENCE THAT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN "THE HUMaN MaGNET." You have convinced without telling them that you don't use "glue." This part requires a little practice as with any other worthwhile move, but I shall explain another method equally as effective.

In this you,don't dislodge the cigar as you turn the hand but as soon as the party reaches for the cigar push out very slightly with the 1st and 4th fingers and the same result is accomplished. From here on you continue borrowing articles and causing them to cling to the fingers but in every case or instance you DISLODGE each before anyone takes it off. Suitable articles are cigars, pens, pencils, visiting card3, in fact any light article one has about his person.

It does happen sometimes when you are offered heavier pass these by with the explanation that there is a limit in reserve of this "magnetic influence" in the human is quite likely that you can attract even such a heavy thing as...(whatever it happens to be) but you need some reserve for the

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