sequently persuaded my publishers to proceed with the book In Its new deleted (and, to my o-plnlon) Inferior form.

5. I hardly feel It necessary to reply to your question as to whether John Mulholland read the final script before writing the Introduction, as I am sure you did not Intend to Imply otherwise.

6. I appreciate your saying that "one can't go through the book without sensing immediately that the material is of worthwhile calibre, and throughout, It has been written in magical style and parlance", but I utterly fall to see how this leads you to call it an exposure, or to complain that In describing a dozen or more tricks you consider "too good", in a total of 125, that I am revealing forbidden secrets or magical principles.

7. Practically every trick you refer to In the TFlNX has been adapted from ancient material published in standard books for the general public. I am not familiar with the writings of Jordan, Mallni, Stewart James, or Hang Ping Chlen, nor did I intentionally use a Lad-son Butler title; are any of these gentlemen complaining?

8. It seems rather inconsistent to slur the committee which examined my script, and then to accuse me without ascertaining the facts, of not having followed the suggestions of this same committee. As you suggest that It be discharged and a new one appointed, X wonder If you can offer better names than those of Compeers Arenholz, Harris, Irving, Slmms, Stelsel, and Zufall? (That you cou.M Improve on the chairman, goes without saying. Je wrote a bookt)

9. May I remind you that after reviewing years of previous committee work aimed at defining exposure, this committee was the first to have enacted in the Parent Assembly By-Laws (and later adopted by the National Council) a method of proceedure for building up a list of NON-EXPOSURE material?

10. Instead of ascribing a Hitlerite attitude to others, would it not be more in the Interest of harmony to acquaint yourself with these efforts and learn something about the code of ethics before setting yourself up as a dictator.

If you care to offer criticism for constructive rather than editorial or controversial purposes, I believe the present committee would overlook your disparaging remarks and hear your suggestions. So, no doubt, would a future committee if one could ever be found to your liking.

However, if you prefer to continue a discussion about "HOW'S TRICKS?", you need but reply herein, starting further publicity and thus obliging me to furnish further controversy, for the JINX. Yours is the privilege to have the last word if you Insist; but in my humble opinion, the-last word, if not one of friendship, should be left unsaid.

Sincerely yours Lo»»lV.

March 7, 1938

Dear Mr. Annemann,

In reference to your editorial in the March issue of The Jinx regarding 'How's Tricks', a publication of Oerald Kaufman, I wish to inform you that after the publication of the book at least two members of the Ethics Committee, In my presence, voiced their Indignation over the publication of basic magical secrets which were not submitted to them for review.


I was also given to understand that these members of the Ethics Committee raised serious objections to several Items in the book, which were published nevertheless.

way you deem just.

You «ay use my letter In any

Very sincerely

March 15, 1938 Honorable Ted;

Clommlttee lookee over all tlicks - author say, you no likee, must go. BUT rules say, book sell 3& Gen. ($1.00). Clommlttee no have authority any kind - you savee?

China Boy and others on Clommlttee no llkee to suffer Indignity of "losing face" so suggest revisions and eliminations - Author boy do this in finished job HO-K.

China Boy also no llkee "lose face" with Magic Public, so state, Clommlttee now have two professionals, one talkee, talkee (lawyer), one precious stone man (jeweler), one mentallst and China Boy. Everyone in harmony.

China Boy suggest Honorable Ted Investigate more thoroughly In future before "bawling out" anyone in public print. As Worthy Member of Assembly 14, you know each Assembly appoints its own ethics and other Committees for adjudication of mattera pertaining to own Honorable Assembly.

and as every China Boy reserves right to brew his own tea, so does each Assembly reserve right to appoint and discharge its own Committees.

Most flowery yours,

"Poo Ling Yu"

"Poo Ling Yu"

March 16, 1938

My dear Annemann;

To comply with your request, I could do so In two sentences.

"I did not review the script of Kaufman's book." "I have never read the book."

Of course this would seem like passing the buck. As a member of the committee on "Standards & Ethics" I must as3umfe my share of responsibility for all committee actions.

The only knowledge that I had of said book was that a few months ago a member of the Coumittee told me there were two manuscripts coming up for review. One was for Kaufman. At the time I expressed myself as being disgusted to hear of more "Magic Books" being put on the market.

I recall at one meeting of reading over about 100 galley proofs and blue-penciling a number of items. I have never seen this book. In reference to the "How's Tricks" its review no doubt took place at a meeting at which I was not present, therefore, I do not know what action was taken.

Note mention of minutes of January 1933. Prior to that time, it wa3 understood that we were to discourage all publications on magic that sold for less than $1.00. This was to abolish what we would call cheap literature.

0 0

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