Aladdin's Box.

So marvelous and almost beyond belief is this effect that you would hardly credit your senses did you see it performed. You ask anyone to write their name (or any word) on a piece of their own paper, and shut it up in an ordinary round white pill box which you hand them. You then hand them two other pill boxes, each slightly larger than the other. The party is directed to put the first box (which has the paper) into the next and that into the other. Finally the whole thing is put into a still larger pill box and the nest of four is ill once put or, the table. (The box is actually put there without any change.) The very next moment you take from your inside pocket a black pill box and hand to anyone and announce that the written paper shall fly from the white box on the table into the black one held by party. Party opens it and finds inside the third box his original written paper. No palming; no changing; no transfer of writing; no confederates.

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