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uzz-buzz (meaning phone). "Yes?" (meaning "The hoard of directors calling, sir." "Yes." (tremulously but with thanks for the 'sir') "Professor Humdrum speaking." — "»ell?" — "We know you do your best, and we stand for an awful lot, but why do you lay yourself and us wide open to "come-backs" as of that S.A.M. public night on November 18th?"

"You mean---" ---"You know what we mean. You should time your EMitrivia better, maybe take lessons from ltalton Gursler who gets Liberty magazine on the press from four to six weeks ahead of publication dates."

"Sit we never thought---" ---"Well, he did it, didn't he? Even if you do know A1 Baker well, or claim that you do, why use up so much space in the last number talking about what not to say or do before audiences?"

"It still is out of order on your part. Your Editrivia page may be "for fun" to you but it isn't to the trade. When Al's son-in-law gets tip before so many subscribers and talks about hernia, double-hernia, and paralysis, within a week after our sheet has been on the magic stands and stalls, how does that make us?"

"listen, please. I didn't--" ---"Forget it. Next week is another issue with new tricks. But remember this. We're •on* to your liking certain people and if you 'go overboard' once more with an aftermath like this happening again, you're out. We'll get a new editor. After all, you might have had enough editorial sense to wait until after Mr. Marshall said those things before 'breaking' that paragraph." ******

According to "Variety".the so-called bible of those theatrically inclined, Dante has a new backer, said to be Roundbout Van Reemsdyke, a Hollander whom he met abroad but who resides over here. Charley Washburn, press agent, had a 50-50 arrangement with magic's latest disciple on this continent, but after finding that his share of the "Sim Sala Bim" RED amounted to $900 for the final weeks of the attraction at the Morosco, N.Y., called off the deal. Wash-bum got his money back from Dante's dates at Maplewood, N.J., and in Philadelphia,Pa. Now he shares in profits but not losses.

A peculiar mixup made the N.J. stand of interest. Three baggage concerns were on hand to haul the stuff to Ffcilly. A N.Y.C. transfer man who took the things to Maplewood, the Erie R.R., whose station was close by the theatre, and a local truckman all claimed jurisdiction. The mess ended with Dante paying six men $53 each before the show (minus trap) was put aboard the train.

Hellzapoppin is a magic word around New York City for it's the name of a musical show that has broken a long run record. A road show has recently opened, and the Hardeen,Jr.programmed is Douglas Geoffrey, erstwhile stooge of Hou-dini's brother who remains a stooge of Olsen and Johnson in the original production still on Broadway. -- In Jinx No.115 we asked for any magician advertising in the U.S.A. before 1837. Mr8. Walter Gibson found a sizeable ad in the Penn. State Library's file of the Philadelphia Gazette <£ Daily Advertiser — issue of May 23, 1816. The magus was "Day Francis, the Great," He was to appear for six nights at a local theatre and do magic, balancing (one, the egg on a straw),and a fire act termed "The

Human Salamander". Any more entries on this historical search?

Chester Morris and I.tiss Lill Kenton Barker will be fastened together matrimonially when the clock strikes 8 P.M. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morgan in Beverly Hills, California on November 30. They are just "under the wire" to save ny notice of two weeks ago from being boohed. Four hours and one minute later would have given us a headache paragraph in apology. Ity honey and I can wish you two no more marital companionship than we are enjoying. And that's tops.

This may save money for some of our readers. Other journals for magi might have done the tmmmmmmmmmmJ s«?« ln years gone by. ggBBngpraa We'll do it from now ^^^^^^ on. The advert, if too small to read, conven-

Amu. your frnod. . . . IDENTIFY nfutef DM. MAREED PUyp« OM tram til. bMkk. Bmmmi» Chide of TEN dllMM poçvur ' ' —BM, Biwd., aU., with ~ ttaa IDd luy UwtifieUioa aM

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iently offers, for $1, information so that you can identify regular unmarked playing cards from the backs. They'll give you TEN different popular backs. OK? Here's the answer. Ten modem backed cards are sent with inked in circles to show a REVERSE back mark. The instruction sheet (?) informs that v ~ice one knows these differences he can find a card taken out and put back, provided, "In turning any particular card half around, it must be done ln such a manner as to avoid notice." The amusing (but not if you've sent in a dollar) part is that the "reverse" marks stink to high heaven in comparison with what tyro magi know. This Mr. W.R.Davi8, of Wallace, Idaho was so subtle as to find a tiny difference, and we mean tiny, on the ends of Bicycle League Backs, the one designed card which haS a three winged center reverse to be seen from 50 feet. His slip-up, thou$i, comes along when he illustrates a difference of ends with BEE (N.Y.Consolidated Card Co) card, singular. None of the back edges in any such deck match. Mr. Davis can sue us if he likes for violating his copyright on the putrid sheet of information, but he may be stymied first because we've sent the whole mess on to the post-office department. And if this paragraph isn't worth the $1 on the Jinx expense account, then magic is going to lose a publication which doesn't hesitate to find out and tell about whatever is detrimental to the wellbeing of Its followers.

Ralph Read told us of a system Houdini was said to have used on his library books — marking them secretly for positive identification always. Crt the first few pages pin holes through letters spelled his name. This story jibes with the known practise of indelible pencil marking under-table-sides and behind-picture-surfaces when he or his agents had a "sitting" with some medium. It was an "ace up the sleeve" if, in court, the defendent denied that the "seance" had taken place. Mr. Read's "Animal Magnetism" routine (Jinx #118) registered well by reports. He's being requisitioned personally to prepare, with favorite backed decks, the "Control" feature of the act where cards magnetically dangle as no cards heretofore have dangled. He can be thanked by mail at 317 West 56th St., N.Y.C.

N.Y. *s Roger Kent stores have been using window displays in honor of Nate Leipsig's death anniversary. The firm's head was a close friend. — Phil de Jongh, European concert violinist, presented himself at the Barbizon-Plaza (N.Y.; Nov.25 titled "Magic and Music". For reasons known only to himself, he winds up his concerts by making his violin disappear. Gabbatha J

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