Gratoulet was the name given a mythological sorcerer learning to "tie the knot" and it could well be that the following effect might have stood him well. The operator produces 3 twelve inch sillsĀ«, one black, one white, and one red. He ties them together in this order,calling attention to the fact that a white silk lies in between a red and a black.

The silks in a knotted string are rolled into a ball and an elastic band put around them. The ball of silk is dropped inside a wineglass on the operator's table with everything so far done In a most deliberate manner.

A feature of the effect to be welcomed is that no moves other than natural are used.

The operator picks up a strip of tissue paper coloured red,its only peculiarity being one 3mall hole at each end. The tissue paper is folded at the center, a match struck, and the flame applied to the ends.When it is nearly consumed, the operator allows it to drop.It fall but at ops whe _

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almost to the floor and rises again, a glowing ash. As it nears the operator's hand he swoops and a silk appears as the ash is caught. Telling his watchers t-.hat if they were paying rapt attention they possibly saw the 3ilk leave the

(red and black.

He removes the silks from the glass, and with great deliberation removes the rubber band.Tell-them that if they failed to see the silk leave perhaps they witnessed the arrival of the paper, the operator lets the bundle unroll to reveal the tissue securely tied in between black and red silks.

REQUIREMENTS: Red, white and black silks in duplicate; two strips of Cremation tissue paper; two elastic bands; a box of safety matches; a wineglass. Cut i in. holes In each strip of tissue at the ends.

PREPARATION: Tie a strip of paper between red and black silks. Starting with the black roll the silks and paper to form a (page 499)

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