TWO ANNEltiANN EFFECTS (continued from page 522)

comes over to replace the top half. It comes down at right angles to the lower half as in the illustration, and the left fingers come up against its back. The hands swing toward the right and the left hand points tov/ards the face card of the top half. The left fingers draw off the top or back card of this upper packet and it drops to the top of the lower. This is done just as the hands are turned over and the slip is completely covered. The performer excuses himself as he makes this move, saying, as he points to the face card, "I didn't mean to look at this card or let any one see it. I don't want you to think I'm keeping track of your card by knowing the one next to it. 'We'll bury your card."

The left thumb now pushes the selected card (?) off the top of the lower portion into the center of the upper packet, and then puts the lower packet on top of the former upper packet. Very openly the spectator's noted card has been apparently lost, but actually it now is on top of the pack. The performer squares the cards and says, "I'm going to ask that you remember just about where your card is in the deck. Just be certain of its location within two or three cards."

"Now take this card, the----of----, and push it into the deck about twenty cards above yours. I'll make your card move right up through the deck to that spot." At this time you do a double turn over, apparently show the top card, and turning it face down after naming, hand it to spectator and hold deck before him. In the fairest way possible you've given him his own card! He stabs it into the deck and you tell him to hang on to it. Then you lift the cards above and show him the face of that packet. It's not his. Then you show the top card of the lower section. Still not his. You act disconcerted and start to run through the pack, asking him what card he did have. He'll name it. You shake your head, blow towards the card he's holding, and say, "Well, a magician has to have some way of getting out of a hole." But watch the effect. To the spectator there is no conceivable way of your changing the card in his hand, and the misdirection throughout keeps the minds of all on the card buried in the deck.

The two effects to follow are not new, at least as far as I'm concerned. Both were developed nearly ten years ago and have been constant standbys for the decade. Most of my magical friends and acquaintances have seen them done, possibly too often, but to date I've never put them down In type. The main reason for it now is because a few days ago I was shown my own trick and the realization came that I had better get what credit I could before the time came when the effects were worn and shoddy and I would hear, "Oh yeah? I've known that for years."

Neither of the tricks is what one could call "new". Any originality consists only in the handling of the cards for effectiveness on the watchers. I call the first, a repeating reverse trick,

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