ICARDSI(Paked, duplicate, other preparation)...

Hallucination (See page 99) 1

The Devil'3 Pour Aces 5

The Finders 6

A Card In Transit 10

Card Box Sympathy 14

The Red and Blue Back Color Change 18

The Lie Detective (See pages 15 and 39) 19 ftie Question For The Month (See pages 51

Hie New Nightmare Effect 27

The Renovated Sphinx Card Trick 34

Just The Same Alike 41

It Goes This Way 42

The Ribbon That Made Good 43

The Migrating Pastboard 44

A Daffy Discovery 46

Twentieth Century Cards (See page 99) 50

Surprise! (See pages 26 and 92) 51

The Card Unharmed (See page 172) 56

Pour Aces On The Stage 60

A Card In Flight 66

Again A Prediction 78

The Acme Thought Card Pass 80

The Puzzling Speller 83

Simplex Torn Card and Balloon 85

Automatic Seconds 88

A Test Of Power 89 Deck Vanish - par.l (See pages 26 and 51) 92

The Miracle Speller 98

Card Cn The Ceiling - par.2 (See page 172) 101 Version of Al Baker's Three Billet Trick 108

A Question of Power An Amusing Card Reversal Trickery!

The Touch That Tell3

The Reticent Queen

The Modern Eye Popt>er

Cards In The Cases

The Guidance Of Pate

The Problem Of The Ice Cube

Only An Image

Here Or There

The Mutilated Card

Two Cheating Mysteries

Multeffect Cards

The Super Eye Popper

He Picks The Right Card (See page 240)

Card On The Wing

The Hew "Miracle" Effect

The Walk-Around Discovery

Controlled Luck

Card Passe-Passe

Wired Thought

Dead Man's Hand

Operator Calling

Pocketbook Card


The Card Angler (See par.5,page 246)


For A Dime

Synthetic Seconds


Three Chances A New Force Deck Dark Sorcery

Transatlantic Vanish - par.7

Corner Restored

The Magician's Dream

"Nuts To You"


Flighty Aces

An Invisible Card Shiner

The Card From Hell

Mystic Matching




Brain Wave Deck

Lexicon Teat

Ghostatic Touch

The Black Brand

0 0

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