You will find this a handy way to control a selected card for other effacts. It enables you to bring the card to the top or any desired position with perfectly natural moves. In this particular trick you produce the selected card in the following absurd manner.

Hand the deck to someone with the request that he deal the cards from the top of the deok to the table, dealing any number he may wish between five and ten inclusive. After he has done so, pick up the packet of cards from the table, and by shifting single cards from top to bottom of packet, spell out the words of a short sentence. At the termination of each word turn over the NEXT or top card of packet and discard it. At the conclusion of the sentence one card will remain in the hand. When turned over it Is disclosed as the selected card!

You will have to memorise six sentences and their corresponding numbers. They are;

If the number of cards in the packet 1s five, the sentenoo is, "Your card is left."

If six, "This is the selected oard. "

If seven, "The last oard will be yours."

If eight, "The last card is the selected oard.*

If nine, "The last oard will be your chosea card."

If ten, "The last card will be the card you chose."

Remember to shift a card from top to bottom for each letter, and when the word is completed, the NEXT oard Is shown and discarded. The remaining oard — believe it or not — will always be the one selected.

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