3 - Red deck consisting of all ACES OF SPADES plus the following two prepared cards at any position in deok. FOUR OF DIAMONDS (short oard). ACE OF DIAMONDS (wide card). Before the routine this deck is placed In the magician's top right vest pocket.

Note: I am sure Mr. John Snyder would have a reasonable price for a setup like the above, and you could have any selection of oards.

Curtain: I give you the actual mechanics of the effeots as described at the beginning.

1 - False shuffle and foroe the top card of each pack. Use any foroe which you can do well.

2 - The only oard the spectator can possibly select is one of the EIGHTS OF SPADES. Ofce magus call find the Eight of Spades in his deck because It is a long oard. At the finish, bring out the deok In your vest poeket instead of the deck in your inside coat pocket.

3 - Locate both of the FOUR OF DIAMONDS (short cards) and remove from pockets.

4 - Locate both ACES OP DIAMONDS (wide oards)

and remove from spectator's pookets.

6 - This works itself due to all oards in eaoh deok being ACES OP SPADES.

In conclusion: You will find the routine mystifying to magicians as well as laymen. The repetition only serves to heighten the effect and the last coincidence really floors them. Even magicians fail to figure a foroe deok due to the number of times the oolnoldenoe appears. Work this one smoothly and with a bit of speed and you'll never do a show without it for it's one of the few oard routinea that oan be presented under any conditions.

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