to regular house current. A piece of red tissue paper Is placed over mouth of container and held in place by a rubber band.

The small bulb is turned on and other lights put out. Magus takes his seat about three feet from container so light strikes him full In face. People are about six feet away from him. Visibly the facial characteristic of magician change to those of other people, not Just one, but of different ones. At finish, lights go on and there you are.

Now, and here is where I may be condemned. I saw this done at a spiritualist's (?) 3eance! It Is the bare effect as I 3aw it. I

know d-----well the medium is a faker because

I bought the same method for his billet act some time ago. I can't figure the face effect though, and think It would be excellent for house parties and clubs if doped out.


(signed) Charles Rose

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