Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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jCARDSI ( Prearranged)

Your Card!

A Resil Psychic Card Test

Something To VJork On (See pages 19 and

An Improvement A La Carte

The Solitaire King

A Cute ┬źnd uick Location

A Different Card Spelling

Diabolical Influence

The Psychic Knows

The Scarney Thought Card

Another Stop I

The Card Phenomenon (See page 172)

"We Stsnd Pat"

The Rhummy Master

Spell-Me (See page 249)

Tattle Tale

Restless Cards

Call Your Hand

The New Spell-Me (See page 195)

Gambler At Large

The Ultra Find

That Quaint Joker

Demon's Divination

Deck Digit Dial And Devil

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