WHI3K0 and GHOSTO (continued from page 401)

glass which is filled with a solid substance that looks like whiskey. On top of this stuff you pour some real whiskey to fill the glass to the brim. Show it around ami it oan't be told from the real thing. Then you sample it which improves the Impression and leaves only the solid substance.

Keaoh into your left vest pocket with the right hand and take out a watoh. Say that you have just time enough to do a trick. Pretend to put it back but palm it Instead, and take your coat pocket handkerchief out with the same hand. Cover the glass In left hand, but as you draw the handkerchief over it leave the watoh on top of glass. Now take hold of the edge of watoh from outside cloth and its round shape is Just like the top of the glass. The left hand underneath palms the glass and goes right into the left trouser pocket for a quarter or half dollar whloh is tossed onto the table. You make a bet that you can drink the whiskey without removing the handkerchief. Then flip the handkerchief away lettingthe watch fall Into left hand, look at it, mention that time certainly flies, and nonchalantly drop the timepiece back Into vest pocket.

Now comes a really funny party trick. You have to get a trunk and dig up sane gadgets besides one thing which I think most magic stores have but which is eaaily made. MQM's prop department helped me here. I use a large black oloth with a seam along the top edge. In this seam is a small rod with a hinge at the center so the oloth can be folded In half. At the right end of this rod is fixed a false paoer-mache hand, Just the fingers bent over the front of cloth to make the illusion of it being held at that end. You really do hold it at the other, or left, end. It is folded back before commencing and the action Is that you pick up cloth and open It out, holding it up at eaoh end and letting it hang.

Get a dinner bell, a couple of unbreakable ashtrays or "whatnots" and a deck of cards. Tell the gathered people, when It comes your "turn" that you want to try a spiritualistic seance with all lights on. Very few mediums can do that. Go out for a minute and come back dragging a "very heavy" trunk. Say that you'll use It for a base of operations. Now this Is important, Ted. The trunk has got to be handled as though it were heavy. The heavier the better. Leave It laying flat and put the gadgets and deck on top. Then pick up the oloth, open it out, and get down on your knees behind the trunk. The things on top are covered by the oloth hanging in front.

Right away the bell rings and one of the ashtrays comes flying over the top. Bump the baok of trunk with your knee and immediately raise the cloth and say, "Nothing there. Just spirits." Drop the cloth, ring the bell, toss out another tray and then ask someone, your pl«.nt, of course, to name any card. He names the one on top of deck and they all hear the deck being riffled on the trunk, see a bunoh of cards tossed into your own faoe, and then a hand appears under the edge of oloth with the card named.

The hand Jerks baok, you bump the trunk again, and lift the cloth to show still nothing but spirits. The cloth is lowered, the bell rings and flies over the top -—- and Jus$ at this time----the flying bell is the cue----

your plant breaks loose with "You'd better get that guy out before he suffocates."

You stop short, wait a second for the retasrk to sink into the minds of the others, then stand up, fold cloth and toss It aside. Say, "All right, a magician can't fool all of the people all of the time, but a good magician keeps a good trick in reserve. I'll show you mine."

You work hard now getting that trunk to a standing position. It's still heavy. Then you pull out your gun and say, "I'll try one of the hardest tricks In magic. A man will vanish right In front of your eyes." Shoot the gun off several times directly at the trunk. Then kick it over with your foot. That makes another loud bang. Pick It up easily and spin it around on one corner. Drop it down, open the lid, and yell, "Empty. He's gonej" Then say, "And there are no mirrors." When you make that remark, step Into the empty trunk and jump up and down.

It still isn't over, Ted. The payoff is at that moment when someone runs up from the baok of the room soreamlng, "Here, I ami", takes a qulok bow with you, and, speaking from experience, leaves the plaoe lnniedlately by any entrance other than those whloh will Immediately be guarded. Some of these folk out here Just don't want you to do such a triok without paying you off.

So that does it. Now I'm a magician with a oard to prove It. If you don't throw my first attempt at submitting twlcks for magical brethren into the basket (fat chance! Ed.) I'll probably grow a mustache and goatee, buy a wand, and go out and bewilder Chester Morris* They tell me he's a good magioian, too.

Be nioe

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(signed) Jim Stewart

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