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THE PATE OF THE FABRIC (continued from page 407)

original handkerchief is apparently destroyed before It leaves anybody's sight.

Get a nice looking metal bowl, something like the lota jar. Then get a smaller one, not as high,and solder it to the bottom of the larger one. The large bowl oan be filled with water around outside of the smaller one insider In the water you have a white pocket handkerchief, and on it are a lot of red stains, ordinary red ink will do. Also in the water is a sn*>. 11 bank with stains on it and several holes cut through it.

How take some phenolphthalein (any drugstore for this, and here is where I encroach on someone else' principle) and mix it with an equal part of water. Pour just enough ammonia into this solution to make it a nice rich red, like ink. Keep it in a rubber corked bottle for when you want it.

Pill your fountain pen with this solution, have the tricky bowl prepared with water and hanks on your table, keep a sheet of newspaper nearby, and go to it.

Borrow a gentleman's white pocket handkerchief and start to mark the corner of it with your pen. You want all to know later that it is the same one. Apparently the pen does not work, and, naturally, you shake it a time or two, which action serves to splatter the hank with red stains, the more the better«

You, as well as the owner and his sympathisers , are horrified. But you will wash out those stains with magical flucum. Dip it into the bowl, letting it go into the lAslde dry bowl, and come out squeezing the wet hank duplicate. The stains apparently have run all over the cloth when It is straightened out for all to ae®. This is your first laugh that's real. The pen bit builds towards it. And by this time the audience is relaxed enough to appreciate the gag on the victim.

How you offer a solution. Cut the stains out I Pick up scissors and cut a spot or two out. Then dip it again, and come out, 1?hia time, with the smaller bit of cloth having the holes and stains. Excuse the mishap of shrinkage because of not using Lux.

'This time you dip it back again, but leave it in the water and grab the dry hank (original) in center bowl. Your left hand comes up with sheet of newspaper and this crumpled handfull la wrapped and balled into the sheet. The package is handed directly at once to the owner of the original handkerchief. He then opens and finds his own kerchief in perfect condition as regards to its area and with nary a stain.

I held off telling you that by this time the chemical mishap spots have faded from the bor-froftedl handkerchief and all is well. Though the chemical part is not original, the application makes possible what I've quoted before. The destruction of the borrowed hank starts BEFORE it has left the sight of anyone. A thing like that should make people believe in you a little more than is usual.

That's Just about th»™best that I can pass on until I've become morf o£/,a veteran/^

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