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Little by little I'm picking up ideas and angles to make The Jinx tne biggest quarter's worth ever put before a magician. So far the response has been above my expectations to say the least. Two issues have been produced and in both the circulation passed the 600 mark.

I promised I'd make no fanfare about it all that I wouldn't make rash promises either. One person who always seems to follw a month behind with Ideas that 9eem similar to those tnat have gone before is advertising a monthly concoction that upsets me no whit and causes great lack of sleep solely because of the creator's obvious opinion that all magic lovers are at or have yet to reach tne age of twelve.

wo ten people could put together and continually produce wnat tnls individual says in a most masterful and convincing way 'will contain hundreds of tricks.' lo ay way of tninklng one hundred would be a lot without aiding the 's' At the rate I'm going it will take me better than a year to give you a hundred tricks, but you can at least be sure of tne fact tnat they will be new and practical. I won't rehash or retitle any of the tricks I've sold during tne past few years and if I've placed a trick on tne open market where it can still be purchased in one book or anotner, you won't find it nere.

The Jinx was fifteen days uehlnd time for the first issue and ten behind for the second. Xnis, the tnlrd will nit tne line much better. Idm getting into the stride a little better and things go together much easier. I can't give you the impossible and will never promise It. I can only fill up tne pages with what I think will be of Interest and use and then sit back with a long cool drink and hope like the devil that It 1« worth the quarter.

At this writing fred Heating is much the gambler in Columbia's picture 'The Captain Hates tne Sea. ' It Just opened here in town and I marveled at the latent ability wnlch i'reddle seems to have aroused. fte played a number of private parties togetner in the old days when he was very Instrumental in getting me started towards decent money ani his talks tnen would always veer to the legitimate stage: Hot tnat i'red will ever lose his desire to do tricks, but I think he's damned smart to tajse advantage of waat ability he may have and not let his love for magic keep him in a rut.

I'm as crazy auout magic as anyone could be but I let It completely cover ay eyes for a long time. It's tne greitejt nobby a person could want, as is partly proven by the membership of any magical organization #nich tractically covers every line of endeavor. As a profession hoy/ever, It uecomes a canine of a decldely different hue. ¿here will always be professlonals to make good livings and save money but on otner hand there will be a great many more too will just struggle along ^tting nowhere fast wnereas t.iey could be very comfortable in a line to vnicn t.iey might be more adap> ted and getting fun from ma^lc instead of heartbreaks.


Ihe Jia¡ilcal pendulum of today seems to be definitely swung towards night club, oabaret and cocktail hour entertaining. The magician who can step Into a table of guests and In an impromptu manner entertain and hold interest (tnose last two words should have been in caps) doesn't have to beg for work, delng able to find ducks in a hat and rabbits In a tub is a notable accomplishment but the trend is towards the person who can work under any conditions, surrounded by watchful skeptics and still get by. I know too many excellent stage magis who can't do a thing off stage but the simplest of elementary magio and the press possibilities alone of a few really good stunts cannot be denied. That's one angle tnat Harry Blackstone has on the game ana I have yet to see or hear of his being in a spot where he couldn't entertain impromptu for hours.

In Mew Xork the Manhattan -lusic Hall has two magicians working at present; Cardinl and Count Crloff. The former working from the stage needs no Introduction. The latter, working close up table stunts has been there for several months and is building a nloe reputation with the tricks that he does. Regardless

This la to wish present ana future Jinx readers a very .teRKi %f

CHRIST ulA3. (Coming next issue - Happy New I ear greetings. J

of any difference In local opinion aa to his cleverness, my view Is that he Is clever enough to get away with It and make the patrons like It. What more oan anyone ask for?

At the Casino de i-aree Dal Vernon holds forth with the close contact stuff and as he has been there steadily for nearly a year, use your own Judgement. On the stage now is the latest Importation In magia, tie Hose, who has also been doubling In the Continental Variety show for which he originally was brought over, tie Rose works in front of a prop bar and pours any drink called for, and tne wise cabaret rounders can certainly think of some rare vintages with which to try and stump him. I haven't heard of anyone in years using the chemical time changes which tie Rose puts to good use an& when you stop and think that Sills ¿tan-yon completely covered this subject in his serials as far baok as 1905 and 1906 you can get some food for thought. To-day it is being featured in one of the fastest And smartest Broadway cafes.

Nate Leipsic closed a short time ago at the St. Joritz where he had held forth in tne floor show for the summer and again is proven the worth of the kind of trick or routine tnat can be done under what magicians consider impossible conditions.

iially dally arrived In town last winter, opened at <*orlarty'sf built himself a tremendous reputation around town, thence to the Chapeau Rouge, from there to the Casino de faree, Chicago, Texas and is back in Sew York again as good as ever, and with wh-t? The cups and balls with baby chicks for a f 1 , an was hi* piece de resistance and he does It on ths Loor, at your table, or what have you.

So what? The Jinx Is primarily fc aose who can and do use tricks that require no grea ^et up and need no conditions that are out of reach of the average person. I'll never sell you a trick tnat requires a pale pink backdrop or an elevator trap. I won't fill pages with mecnanlcal drawings that would require the genius of Joseffy to understand let albne build. And a* a last reminder, and take it from one who has covered every spot in iiew York where a magician is working, build up a routine of close up table trioks outside of your club or stage program and you'll find it paying dividends in enhanced reputation If not actual cash.

rfûo t.3. This issue does not carry the usual dedication line because I'm beginning to learn tnat I don't know what it is all about.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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