applied with the head of a pin, to the lower right corner of the back of the card to which it refers. The illustration on page 503 will make this part clear. The extra Joker or Score card is used to back up the deck and conceal the last paper. The use of cigarette papers keeps such a prepared deck from being too bulky, and of course, the faces of the cards are well mixed. Now follow the presentation from start to finish and see yourself if it isn't as clean cut in directness as any mental effect should be.

Writing a prediction upon a slip of paper I drop it, after folding, into a deep dish or hat. However, the paper is retained in the hand and is left in the pocket when I immediately reach for the deck in its case.

A spectator is asked to step forward. Stand at his left. Tell him that you are thinking of a card in the deck and that he is to look you directly in the eye and remember well the first card that enters his mind. Impress upon him that he is not to change his mind once that he has an impression.

You remove the deck from the case which is tossed aside. Step forward a bit and turn towards the spectator which action turns your back somewhat to the audience. Fan the deck from left to right with the faces towards the spectator. He looks for the card of which he is thinking, and at the same time the audience sees quite a (continued on page 503)

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