In the January 1937 Jinx No. 28, was an effect for which this, to follow, Is quite a perfect follow up. It bears a similarity, but its general appearance is different, and the conditions are strict, which will effectively throw off any thoughts an audience may secretly have about the first trick.

The performer asks that his assistant, or medium, remove herself to a distant room for a few minutes. He now asks that any deck be shuffled and well mixed. Remarking that he will not touch the cards even once, the performer then asks that they be spread out,and any four removed and the cards even once, the performer then asks that they be spread out, any four removed, and placed in a face up row. Now, the selector is asked to take his time, change his mind as often as he desires, but finally to settle upon one of the four, and touch it with his finger. Someone gathers the four cards together, mixes them among themselves, and the medium, on her return, after the performer has been removed to allow of no contact other than mental, correctly reveals the concentrated upon card.

The fact, that ANY four cards are removed for the test, and the fact that the performer never is in contact with the pasteboards, makes this quite foolproof.

The secret lies in the possibility of any four cards being mentally known as 1,2,3 and 4. The lowest in value is recognized as 1. The next is 2. The next is 3, and the highest is 4. Where duplicate values are among the four, the suits have preference In a pre-arranged order. Thus there can never be any confusion between you and your medium as to the secretly recognized order, no matter what cards are being used.

After the final selection of one card, and the subsequent mixing of the four, you either have a lady, or gentleman, as the case may warrant , either take the cards to the medium, or go and bring her back to the cards on table. While this Is being done,you leave the room so that neither of you can see each other. If the medium is taken the cards by a lady, she knows it is 1; by a gentleman means 2. If a lady gets her, but has left the cards on the table, it Is 3, and if a gentleman gets her, but has left cards on table, It is 4. In the first two instances, she looks the cards over, and knowing how to place them in order, returns to the room with the correct card held face down in one hand. The selector names it, and she turns it over. If she returns to the table, she spreads the cards face up, looks at them, picks them up, removes a card without showing, the selector names card, and the medium turns it over. This presentation, together with the subtlety of vising any four cards, will be found to fool the best magi. And it certainly doesn't take study.

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