All those guys took me up as one of them and did so many nice things that I've developed an inferior complex ---- a fellow just can't be accepted In Inner elrcles until after he has taken many a fall, but the people who have professed or hobbled magic seem to pop up everywhere, and then turn out en masse for visiting magicians. In my case, I'm still trying to get someone honest enough to tell me the truth — good, or bad — followed by why

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and where. After meeting and hobnobbing across the country with many of our cult and beliefs, my fault to find is that it's difficult if not impossible to get constructive criticism, that is, if one gets criticism at all. In the picture business you get criticism from every one of the points on a compass.You listen to every bit, take what strikes you as being right, and nope that fate, or the producer, doesn't override you. 99% of the magicians tell you that it's all good and let you take the booking of-fioe bumps without warning.

I'd have been the happiest guy In the universe if I could have sat down now and dashed off an effect which might have revolutionised the art,but I'll be damned if I can do it. My stuff is practically all "stock".

Eowever, and now that little egoistic angle so prevalent in magicians is about to come forth,there Is an effect which seems to get Its share of applause without restraint. It's a cut and restored handkerchief trick built up from a base which one of the fraternity passed on.

The very, very, very, few west coast critics I have tell me it's the only such routine where the (turn to page 409)

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