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The left hand now takes the deck by'gripping it at corner X between the thumb and forefinger. The right hand remains stationary while this is done, but its first three fingers straighten out slightly to allow the deck to be removed. It will be found that the chosen card will be left palmed in the right hand, securely held at corners B and C.


Acute trick by the above title sold for that very sum by Prank Chapman, was recently divulged by him "for nothing" in "Genii," In his version, the card that onlookers will naturally wish to examine is double-faced, which defect is avoided in the following method. X have also added a little touch to the card which becomes substituted for that originally shown.

Discard the 6S from deck you Intend using. Take a 6H from a similar pack and blacken its pips and indexes with India ink. Then take any extra card which came with the deck (the Joker or the bridge score) and print on the face of It, inlarge letters, "LOOK IN THE OTHER PILE AOAINI"

Set deck by placing lettered card reversed in center. Place blackened 6H near center same way as the others. On top or bottom have the ordinary 6H belonging to deck.

To present, remove 6H and hold deck face down in other hand. Call attention to the fact that you Insert the Six face up in center. When you do, secretly steal it out by any method. I suggest my own method described in this issue. Immediately hand the deck to someone, face up, telling him to deal the cards into two face up piles, with the red cards in one heap and the blacks in another. Instruct him also that, when he comes to the face down card — "the Six of Hearts" (?) — he is to leave it face down and deal it with the other red cards. Meanwhile, you pocket the one you have palmed.

The spectator will never notice that he has dealt a black Six of Hearts among the cards of that color, and when he is finished you square each pile very deliberately. Then announce that you will cause the reversed Six to pass magically from among the red cards to the black pile. Command it to do so and then have spectator look through the black cards, which he does without result. Act surprised and have him then look over the red oards, when the face down card is found to be still there. Take it from him, turn It over, and let spectator read the message thereon. Upon obeying these instructions and scrutinizing the black cards once more, the surprisingly black Six of Hearts is pointed out to him, with the explanation that it has gotten that way through being in close proximity to the more sombre hued pasteboards I

Possibly that Pricke-Plemlng "It's a Pip" liquid could be used advantageously for preparing this card. Then at the finish you could visibly change It back to a red Six.


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