A series of helpful bits of advice for magicians who take their art seriously. Pages 111, 119 (3ee page 172), 149, 162.


Tip To Magicians -par. 3,4,5 and 6 A Frame-up - par.5

Tip On Using Pigeons - par.7 (see par.7, ---page 65)

Improvement to "Seven Keys To Baldpate" ----par.4 (See page 227)

Variation of "Canary and Light Bulb"-par.6

Comedy Use For Foo Can - par.7

Tip to Card Workers - par.8

Tip for "Vanishing Bird Cage" - par.9 (See

Tip for "Cards From Pockets" - par.10

Wrinkle for Planting Productions - par.11

"Rising Card" Tips - par.3

An Original Tie For Loads

Fortune Telling Tip - par.l

Tip for Mentalists - par.3

Tip for "Floating Match" - par. 8

Tip for Olass Penetration Frame - par.9

Tip on "Psychic Writing" - par.9

Tips for Card Fanners - par. 2

Tube Tips - par.3

Improvement on "Brema Nut Trick" - par.5

Tip for Book Test - par.9

A Locator Card - par.l

Tip for "Syko" Users - par.4

Comedy By-play - par.5

Candle Interlude - par.3

Tip for Davenport Silks - par.4 (See par.

Tip on "Prayer Bottle" - Trivia

Tip to Night Club Workers - par.4 (See

Tip to Dog Owners - par.6

Tip on "Before Your Eyes" - Last par. (See

An Invisible Card Shiner

How To Make Colored Flash Paper -par.6

Tip on "Sacred Script" - par.10 (See

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