swings over and points at the outstretched palm. Simultaneously you say, "Put your cards there, please." The command, the pointing finger, the swing of your left hand, the sudden shift of the spectator's attention, and the fact that he's given something to do all make him and the other onlookers completely miss the fact that you've turned the bottom half of the deck over. Well, almost over. See Pig. 2. The right thumb has gone under the deck and tilted it to the right onto the finger ends. The deck has made a little more than half of its half turn. As the spectator places the cards on the performer's right hand, the left swings back to Its original position and the deck completes its half turn, dropping down and lying now on the fingers Instead of the palm. (If your hand is small use the narrower bridge deck).

THE CAMEL AND THE NEEDLE'S EYE (continued from page 311)

behind the screen with the needle completely free of the thread. Not only the Camel but also the button has gone through the needle's eye! The performer then removes camel from the thread and smokes it.

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