0T^row, with ceremony, start the count-off, JN counting aloud and turning down each tenth card. After about the third and fourth cards go down, the audience warms up and snickers start. By the sixth or seventh they are ahead of you and it gets funnier. When the ninth is down stop for a moment and say, "This lone person left finally gave up hope after seeing himself slowly becoming outnumbered to an alarming degree and decided not to wait." (The audience has had the chance to see that this last card was also tenth and this action ^lves you a slightly different turn down for the finish). Not; step forward and close it by saying,"And so, my friends, I've given you my conception of politics in our democratic land!

0As a club item this is superb comedy. t.'any performers work lodge meetings where the members stay seated along the sides and back of the room. In such a case, hand the cards

0 along one side of the room and work to the other. Have the 20 persons keep the cards facing outward so they can't see the faces. After all is over tell them they can then see

0what they are holding and just where they stand. You'll often hit prominent members who are avowed Republicans and this apparent change of horses with the resultant keeping of their job won't stop the laughter any. Don't ever mention the fact that the R's are the only ones getting the sack. It is as the audience notices it themselves that it gets funny. Just emphasize that Mr. Parley wanted to be fair. Some may try out the effect with the backs outward after a pretended mixing, and after eliminating the ten turn the cards over for a climax. The first is better because of no monotony of just counting backs.

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