slate, or shown slates empty and plaoed on table. Now step back and explain what has been done. As you do this, stand with left side somewhat towards audience, both hands holding book, but end with loop is away from audience and your fingers slip end of ribbon through loopI When you say, "And on the slates on my table," you swing sharply to left (table is on your left) and at same time left hand moves away from right. Right hand with loop remains stationary. This action pulls ribbon around in between pages where wire lies. And the sharp pull drags ribbon through and out the other end and wire slips off ribbonj As you swing left and wire comes loose, pick up slates In right hand and drop wire on table. Bring slates forward and hand book to someone. And that's all there to it. Sometimes the pull does not bring the end of ribbon free at top of book. It remains* between pages. If this happens, pull it out with a flip of the finger as you look for someone to take It. Be sure table la close so it requires only a turn of the body to pick up slates. And remember that the right hand remains still, only the left hand moving away. This has been tested, and the ribbon is never seen in its flight, the swing of the body and hands concealing everything. It is strlotly a method which requires practice, rythm in your movements, and confidence. After it Is once learned, It Is as easy as the complicated methods and far more fair looking. No one will ever suspect that a ribbon in the book 1s changed to an entirely different spotI And when the spectator takes it to look up the word, the book and ribbon are unprepared. For what more could one ask?

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