in Jinx No. 58. I can see now that if we have enough people in for tea we won't have to worry about the rent any more. —- Publicity For Magicians (Robert E Bernhard) has just been put down after its second reading. It's amazing how many angles to get a good press are not known to, nor believed in, by most magicians. It's a worthy mate to that collected storehouse of information about getting attention from the public, "Forging Ahead In Magic", by John Booth. Mr. Bernhard, who reveals that he isn't a prof, magus by leaving-his name off the cover, has done more than reveal inside secrets. He has written a good argument for the hiring of a capable and experienced press agent by any wide awake magician who can realize that for every dollar thus spent he'll get back not less than two dollars worth of work. --- Bernard Zufall's second publication of his Memory Trix series takes you through the maze of remembering lists, appointments, names, sales points, etc., with concise details that are hard to forget. We cut our memory membrane on the Roth Course way back when Addison Simms of Seattle always remembered in time to catch the bus instead of missing it. Mr. Zufall's series is of worth to magi for it is written, not to the householder with a grocery list, nor a banquet speaker with a committee on his mind, but for magicians who want to -use these principles in their shows as entertaining features.

Bill Larsen will be getting plenty brickbats for what one person called "a swivel where his head should be - he can change hands without missing a revolution". It all has to do with an overboard display of affection towards Julian Proskauer in the May Genii whereas, but a few memories ago, nothing, in caps, was too bad to be printed. It is being said that the sudden turn (that's not exactly right because Bill and Julian were well photographed together last convention time) is a diplomatic move to build a good will attitude on the same pedestal where 1b the most active politico-magic figure since the days when Houdini dominated everybody in the SAM through sheer importance by public favor.

We can't be against a Genii campaign for next year's bid at M.U.M. Did we want it we'd use strategy, too, except that the colors of the flag would be gradually changed daily into the new hue rather than haul one down - pull the other up - at high noon on a busy day. The Lord only knows that I keep Bill Larsen on a high column in my marble hall. Paige Wright and he were turning out tricks of value when I got my first Sphinx (Dr. Wilson, Editor). I sincerely believe in him and like his honesty at admitting a change of feeling. But doecn't all of this pushing and pulling simplify matters? The SAM can have their own private M.U.M. as they had before. Both the Sphinx and Genii go to non-members. Should Genii win the official organ plume,M.U.M. would still be censored and edited as it is now. And, in cold money, the SAM can save well over one thousand dollars a year by printing their own private journal of more pages (unexpurgated) than they get now. The SAM is AB0VB the wrangling of commercial journals and should be impervious to the wiles of those seeking personal aggrandizement add extra-hobby beneficiation.

That acclaimed Houdini breath control secret from last week's issue is now revealed as a part of Yoga philosophy for body health and a step towards perfection. Its usage deprives the brain of oxygen - sapping a reserve supply of which few people are aware ----- no wonder the yogi, bereft of much cerebration due to oxygen loss, can visualize the things they do.'

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