Magic is an art that sometimes instructs, often amuses and always entertains." Wilson. The good Doctor had something there, and his words have been quoted on many a magician's circular. Only last week we cane across a bit of information that might provide the source of his inspiration. Edward Livingstone Tfudeau founded his Sanitarium at Saranso, H.Y. in 1884. Statistics tell of his success as an opponent of the white plague. The first institution of its kind in the U.S. felled a climbing death rate of tuberculosis patients Immensely and to Trudeau's memory is a Outsort Borglum likeness in bronze. On the base of the figure Is a simple Inscription, Trudeau's favorite quotation:"To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to oomfort always."

The Boston Assenibly of the S.A.M. . with or without parental assent,did the right thing. Magicians went to College — not to perform -but to learnt ffwenty members took a course at the Emeräon College of the Spoken Word to learn more about stage deportment, dramatics, voice, english, etc., In an earnest endsavor to Improve their stage teohnlque. One of the three notes and letters we received regarding the Invasion of knowledge of what counts In entertaining said "and believe me, the Criticism we re-oeived at the school sessions did HOT read like the magical club write-ups In the leading magical magazines. Each one Is getting a lot out of the course and their acts are showing a great improvement." Accompanying one letter was a füll page layout of pies with the heading "Magicians Learn The Language of Trickery" with a subheading about the amateur Merlins perfecting their patter under the tutelage of a Shakespearean professor. We mention the publicity because we saw it. We mentioned the other part because we checked and found it true. Maybe magicians are beginning to grow up to maglel

Martin Gardner took over a full page of the Sunday Times In Chicago doing egg tricks for the Easter minded folks. Pull page? 'Twas a double spread — without exposing — Just those stunts that expose themselves when you have to finish them for the doubters. Puzzles, no less, but good publicity stuff. Put a copy of the Mar 24th paper up In a corner and let the would be exposers file pass to take a cheap college course in what can be done If one is smart and not broke because he's no help to our business, let alone himself.

And speaking of publicity we can't mlsa the Pittsburgh group who made edition after edition before their dinner and show on Apr. 11 by a plug on the guillotine illusion which one member presented. The papers liked that deoaplta-tion angle and used the stories on its strength.

The trouble with all magical societies to date — that Is, if they want publicity -- is that the press agents and publicity experts have come from their own mldsts. You don't have to hire a p.a. for the year 'round. But, when you are ready for a show and want to get the publle In to fill the theatre, the cheapest money you can toss sway Is for a professional press agent not connected with the organization. He'll tear everything to pieces (not the show Itself) ((you have to take the blame for that)) and make a lot of people mad, but he'll bring money in at the bo* office for that's his business. Then he'll leave you and will have forgotten you a half hour later over Coffee when he's thinking about his next account. But the club will have the


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