Club Versailles, New York City, February 5, 1937 Time: 16 minutes. Reviewed by Theo. Annemann

1 Clay Pipes of Smoke. Clay pipes are put bowl to bowl and smoked. Stems are broken off and bowls smoked again. Bowls are crushed under foot and the fragments joined in cupped hands and again smoked for climax.

2 iiith his sister Ann, Pope does the parasol trick using only one handkerchief hanging on one rib, and a lady's purse for the change of handicerchief and parasol cover.

3 The parasol trick over, Glen tears up two pieces of tissue, and restores them to a hat which he places on Ann's head for the exit. (Cecil Lysle Hat Trick)

4 Pope returns now for a quick thimble routine, ending with the usual production of eight.

5 This number was a bit of cigarette manipulation with one cigarette, ending with its penetration through a handkerchief and subsequent vanish.

6 Producing a pack of cards, me torn corner card effect was presented, with its final appearance being in the cigarette case.

Pope works very neatly. The parasol and hat bit with sister Ann is perfectly set to music, and should have been the closing number as it works fast, is easy to follow, and winds up with a perfect exit to a good hand.

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