One unopened pack of cigarettes

A cigarette pull

Three prepared dollar bills

One wallet for the "Card in Wallet" trick

Some business size envelopes

2 pieces of waxed paper about 3x3 inches

3 lemons

A pocket handkerchief faked as described A pencil

One set of ten "Policy" cards One padlock and eight keys One ordinary deck of cards.

The opening speech may go something like the following:

"Ladies and Gentlemen: There are a great many people of the opinion that all magic is accomplished by the hand being quicker than the eye. That such a belief is wrong I hope to prove beyond any possible doubt, because everything that I shall attempt here will be done slowly and deliberately in order that you may follow closely what I am doing. Then, and only then, if you see me making fast moves or underhanded bits of chicanery, can you honestly say that I am a charlatan on deception bent. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a magician's way of saying that he wouldn't deceive you for the world."

"Magic, to be practical, should be useful in everyday life. Some people make a cigarette, for instance, with much labor and expended effort. Now a magician worth his salt ..."

With that opening you proceed into the making of a cigarette and continue with the routine.

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