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N.Y.1s Roxy on Oct. 6. --- Buddy Gwynne will soon have his pilot's license. If he gets his wish to become a transport flier he may yet fly to England and get another look at the aviation pin he gave to Esme Levante.--- See you next week. Vox et praeterea nihil.

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A spectator 13 requested to think of any one card in the deck and the performer writes something upon the back of a playing card. This he places aside face up for the time being.

Producing a pack of blue-backed cards which he demonstrates as such, the performer holds them In a face up fan behind his back. He a3ks the spectator assistant to locate his thought of card, withdraw it from the fan, lay it face up on the table, mark his Initials on it and return it to the deck.

This done the performer turns around and shows that a peculiar thing has happened. As he fans out the deck, face down this time, there is one card visible that is red-backed. When turned over it proves to be the one the spectator chose mentally and bears his initials. The card upon which the performer wrote at the beginning is now turned over and upon Its back is the name of the card spectator was thinking about all the timet

This is truly a miraculous appearing effect because of pure subtlety. Two decks, one red-backed and the other blue-backed, are needed. On the white end margin on the back of each of the red cards write the name of that same card, i.e., on the back of the Jack of Clubs write "Jack of Clubs." One red card, on which there is no writing, must be placed in the breast pocket of your coat. One blue card Is placed on the back of the prepared red deck, which, in turn, is placed in the blue card box. The blue deck is placed in the left vest pocket ends up.

To perfom have the spectator first think of a card. Remove the red-backed card from your pocket and pretend to write something on it. Lay it to one side face up.

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DOLLAR DAY (continued from page 435)

on, you secretly pres3 the waxed bill to the back of the remaining envelope, nilth your eyes upon the spectator who is opening the envelope you change the hold on your envelope so that it Is held at the extreme tips of the fingers, number to the front, of course, rthen the second spectator exhibits his folded card, call attention to the last remaining envelope and still holding It at the extreme tips of the fingers, tear off the top edge. Reach into the envelope with the first and second finger and withdraw the folded card and aT THE SAME TIME THE THUMB IS BEHIND THE ENVELOPE AND IT DRAWS AWAY THE FOLDED BILL SO THAT WHEN THE CARD IS OUT OF THE ENVELOPE THE BILL IS CONCEALED BEHIND IT.

Toss the envelope aside and slowly unfold the card and find the bill INSIDE. This part is purely showmanship and not at all difficult, ¡tou have a handful of card and shouldn't find any trouble in making the bill apparently come from the folded pasteboard. Drop the card on the floor and quickly unfold the bill and show.

The patter presentation is much the same as In the original Seller's version. I tell them I'm Interested In psychology...I'm also Interested In blondes but it's cheaper to dabble with psychology. Talk about the laws of chance. Tell them it's Dollar Day in the drug store and that you're introducing Ten Dollar Day. Explain that a ten dollar bill is folded In one of the three envelopes. Get a fellow to stand up...coax if necessary. Tell him he might want someone to stand up for him someday. Get him to freely select a number, when he does give him the envelope and have him tear It open and read aloud what's on the card, in this way you get a free advertisement.

The effect is repeated with No. 2 spectator arei you are left with.the one envelope. Tear it open, drop the card, and unfold the bill. Bow to each spectator, saying, "Thank you. Try It on your wife next pay day."

The audience won't roll in the aisle (unless your provide the dice) but it's a handy item for luncheon dates. It can easily be presented as a straight demonstration of psychology with appropriate patter if you don't want to make it magioal. As a matter of fact it isn't magical. In such a case show the bill, fold and switch it for a flash paper bill. Say that you have money to burn and that you'll cause it to pass Into one of the three numbered envelopes displayed on a stand. Offer to bet the money that two spectators can't pick out the correct envelope and conclude as described before.

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