clear. Then imagine each of those squares being divided the same way, and then each of these smaller squares divided again. Supposing the article were hidden behind something in the far right corner of the room. The numbers. 2—2—2 would signal the medium into this very corner! It can thus he seen that three figures can direct one to any very small portion of the room. He also knows the article to be small, he knows it to be a personal article, and knows that it will be invariably an object that is obviously out of place wherever it may be. Knowing these things, and the spot where it lies, it is no trick at all to locate it successfully.

The performer therefore runs through the cards and brings to the top in correct order three cards that signal the correct imaginary squares from the largest to the smallest. And at the same time he locates the card to be forced on the second subject! This person is now picked by the first person and, in his best liked way, the performer forces a card. Putting the deck face down

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