Calling it "BANK NITE", Floyd Thayer first released a most excellent idea in an early issue of GENII. As is customary and to be expected with all items of sound effect, improvements and variations began to follow. The method to follow does away with the use of any arbitrary counting to a selection, such as the word "Bingo", etc., and makes of it a more personalized trick with the audience. The variation also tends to impress the watchers that the selection of envelopes is perfectly free and left undeniably to chance alone.

Five envelopes are used. This number will be found most practical, as the repitition begins to bore after the fourth count. The spectators have gotten the idea by that time and want to see the climax. The envelopes may be borrowed if wished, especially if at a home party, and after mentioning the popularity of "Bank Nite" "Bingo" and other similar forms of trade stimulants, a bill of large denomination is,sealed in one envelope. The other envelopes are likewise sealed, but empty. An important point is to secure a bill of as large a denomination as possible. It is psychological that the bigger the bill, the heavier the interest.

The five envelopes are given someone to mix well, and he is asked to arrange them all one way so they look alike in every respect. Taking them back, the performer now asks the host, or a prominent member of the gathering, to select the nane of someone present, telling all that by this means everything will be fair and beyond the pale of collusion and trickery. This selected nai.-.e is then used to ----—k -----1----

Searchable & Indexed by removing one from the top of stack with each letter of the name and placing it on the bottom. The envelope on the last letter of the name is passed out to someone. Four people thus receive envelopes, the performer keeping the last as a "house percentage." All open envelopes at the same time, finding them empty. The performer opens his, and pulls out the bill. Pocketing It for a laugh, he may finish, "The only time I ever seem to win at these things is when I run them myself."

Using the name of someone present allows of an extremely simple formula making it all possible with little effort. If the name has over ten letters, ask for a nickname, or use the first name only In order not to make the operations too long. With borrowed envelopes you need only nail nick the upper left and lower right corners of one, into which the bill later goes. Before other audiences, have your own envelopes with one dotted in the comers.

When you received the mixed lot back, fan a bit to locate the dotted one> and when the name is given, cut the stack before beginning so as to place the dotted envelope in the right spot. The formula is simply 3 - 4124 - 4124. Thus if the name is of but two letters, the dotted envelope should be third from the top to start. With a name of three letters, place it fourth. With four letters, put it first or on top. With five letters put it second. With six letters, fourth. Seven letters, fourth. Eight letters, first. Nine letters, second. Ten letters, again fourth.

It Is a subtle point to place the correct envelope fourth when you get them back by cutting apparently at random while you ask for the name. There are four chances In nine that It will be In the right spot. If not, you know where it is and can cut them ohce more without looking at them after the name has been selected. A trial will prove Its effectiveness as a beautiful Impromptu number for any occasion.

(continued from page 305) sets and put them in your Inside coat pocket in correct order from back to face, and with the faces towards body. Put the remaining six cards of this set In the upper right vest pocket with faces to body. You have the other set of ten cards at hand. After these are shuffled and looked at, take them back In left hand and put them into Inside coat pocket on the body side of those already there. Holding coat open with right hand pass to four people In turn,and have each reach into pocket and pull out a card. Work this part without hesitation or stalling and the force cards in the correct order will be taken out and called aloud each time.

This four figured number is then repeated a time or two, and while doing so you apparently reach into pocket and take out the remaining unchosen cards. However, you take the six from the vest pocket instead and toss them out. Thus everything checks for the skeptics when your back is turned.

The cliiaax is now in order. Most people think of the bible immediately. The effect builds from the point where theyexpeot to see the numbers on boards and get something else. The trick is really a pocket item as can be seen, and done when wished in anyone's home. For inventive minds,the book of Numbers has many verses with all kinds

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