Once in a while a really good effect pops up and is found to be different in its psycholog leal appearance to an audience. There Isn't any definite part of this that is new or original except for the dress. Dr. Jacob Daley first told me of the general effect using playing cards for both spectators used. Al Baker then came along with the idea of illustrating to one person how the slip should be torn for burning, and getting information in this ingeniously ordinary way. Finally, after using the stunt for a dozen or more times as an Impromptu item, I varied it by combining with a picture and began using a slate for the de-noürment. This developed the problem into one that can be presented in front of goodly sized audiences and gatherings.

In effect,the performer asks that two spectators come forward to be on each side of himself. The performer shows a pack of cards, and the first person is asked to take them himself, merely cut somewhere and remember It for a moment. The second person is asked to think for a minute, and decide upon any simple picture or diagram he may like. Both are given slips on which they jot down the mental Ideas. Close at hand is an ash tray. The slips are torn and burned while the performer picks up a slate. Standing between the two people, bit a little to the rear, he marks upon it. The first person now names his card, and the second person shows his thought of picture. The slate is turned, and upon it the performer HAS DUPLICATED THE PICTURE OR DISGRAM, AND IN THE CENTER OF THE SKETCH HAS WRITTEN THE NAME OF THE CARD. Therefore this maKes a telepathic effect suitable for those who wish to do a bit of thought reading In the middle, or as an Interlude, of their regular program of mysteries.

There are certain variations than can be used by those who adopt this trick, but as it stands now, it has a double climax at once which does away with the usual reading or revealing of the thoughts one at a time as has been customary.

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As I myself have been doing it, a one kind deck has been used for cleanness. Some may think this a funny idea of 'cleanness' but I mean from the audience standpoint. The minute you start messing around, spectators get lost in following you, and no matter what you have to do, the presentation, as far as they are concerned, MUST be direct and open.

Have the deck at hand or in your pocket with the Usual different card at the bottom. Have a few pieces of opaque white paper about two by three inches in size. A couple pencils, a nearby ashtray, matches, slate, and a piece of chalk in your left coat pocket completes the set up.

Have the spectators on each side of you with about three yards between. Take out the deck and overhand shuffle it, the fingers of the hand holding the deck retaining the bottom odd card in place. Explain to the first that you want him to look at a card by chanée while he has thé deck in his possession. He Is to hold it in his left hand, and with right merely cut off a bunch of any amount, look at the card thus cut, and replace those removed. As you say this, illustrate by cutting off a bunch and looking at the face card, but don't let it be seen. Now deliberately put the deck on his left hand and step back. The moment he replaces the cut, step up and take "the deck, as you take the deck from him, turn and ask the second person to think of a geometrical design or any simple picture that he likes, and which means something to him. Do not hesitate or stall between taking the deck and giving these Instructions. The card selection has been so direct that no one gives it a thought, especially with the Immediate mention of the picture and because it is a bizarre idea in comparison to a card.

As the spectator says he has a picture In mind, drop deck In left coat pocket, at the same time taking two papers from the right or vest (turn to page 167}

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