FIFTH ROW. CENTER AISLE (Program Reviews)..

Alpha 738

S.A.M. Annual Benefit Show-Heckscher

Theatre (N.Y.C.) February 22nd 1941 743 (Fred Keating,The Hanlons,Jay Palmer & Co.Leroy,Al.Baker,Dai Vernon,Dagmar & Co.,Five Elgins,Roner,Leon and Gus Wayne Roy Benson )

Y.M.H.A. " A Night Of Magic" Mar:9th 41.749 (Rod Rogers,Arnaldine,Arthur Lloyd, Dell 0'Dell,Theo Dore,Albenice,Burling Hull,Dagmar & Co.)

Mickey MacDougal-Damon Room "The Pythian" N.Y.C. March 11th 1941. 755

S.A.M. #4. Greater Magic Show.Play & Players Theatre. Philadelphia.Mar.29th 1941 759

(Blmer Eckam,"Balloons" Bonnert,John

Mulholland,Roberta k Marlon,Al.Flosso Miaco,Al.Baker )

S.A.M. Parent Assembly- Ladles Night Barbison-Plaza N.Y.C. Apr.14th 1941 773 (Vynn Boyer,Paxton,E.Loew,Clayton Rawson,Dr.L.V.Lyons,Spaulding,Foxwell, Roger Barkann,Joan Brandon,Wllllston)

From A Trouper 773

"A Night Of Magic" Brooklyn.Y.M.C.A.

April 19th 1941 776

(Al Flosso,Stanley & Willie,Harry Burns,A1 Baker,Williston,Prince Mendes Bunin Puppets)

"Behind the Scenes With the Private Investigator"-Colmibia University Club (N.Y.) May 6th, 1941 704

(Arthur B.Monroe)

S.A.M. Parent Assembly Annual Banquet & Show. May 84th 1941. 789

(John Mulholland,The Larsen Family, Cardini )

"A Miller Melange" -Hotel Oakland,

Oakland. Calif: May 23rd,1941 793

(Charles Earle Miller )

"The Public Show"-Metropolitian Theatre, Seattle, Wash: July 23rd,1941 808

(Charlie Smith,Poogle-Poogie/Allstrand, Carlyle,Clarence Talbot,Marvin,The Silk Merchant,Lloyd Jones & Co.,Len Mantell, Clarence Cain,King Sylber,Geraldine Larsen,Maldo)

Civic Theatre,Portland,Maine. (Will Rock) 818

Brown's Camp,Center Lovell,Maine 820

(Bertram Adams)

"Boom-Boom" (Herman Weber) Heckscher Theatre.N.Y.C. October 6th,1941 828

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